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Knee Pad

The nordCurl was created to give you the most secure foot anchor on the market. Our uniloop strap locks both feet firmly in place to give you confidence for every rep. Lastly, the versatile design anchors to your door or gym bench to adapt to your needs.


  • Attaches to your door or favorite weight bench in seconds


  • Our uniloop design provides the best balance of comfort and confidence
  • All metal cam buckle guarantees you will never slip
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Rated for users up to 300 lbs
    *This rating is to help protect your door from damage


  • High Strength polypro strap with bar tacks for added strength
  • All metal cam-lever clamp with neoprene cover to protect you, your door, or your weight bench
  • 10mm neoprene cushion
  • High density Foam door anchor with polymer core

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Why Nordic Curls?

Nordic Curls are an amazing movement for people who prioritize training for healthspan and athletic performance. The problem is that Nordic Curls are challenging to perform and the equipment needed can be expensive.

That is why we created the nordPak, an affordable and effective solution that makes Nordic Curls accessible to beginners and beyond.

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