Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nordic Curl?

The Nordic Curl is an exercise in which a person kneels with their feet fixed in position and lowers their body by extending the knee. It reduces hamstring injuries in athletes and is commonly used as a form of injury prevention. Common benefits include increased hamstring strength and length of the fascia, sprint speed, and change of direction ability.

Do you need any experience with Nordic Curls to use the nordPak?

Nope! The nordPak is for complete beginners and seasoned Nordic Curl veterans alike.

Can the nordPak be used for more than Nordic Curls?

Yes, the nordPak can be used to assist with other exercises such as the Reverse Nordic Curl and push-ups. Furthermore, the nordCurl foot anchor can be used for sit-ups.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 60 day trial period during which if you're not satisfied you may return for a full refund (product must be in good condition). You'll just pay for the return shipping. Your trial begins when your items are delivered. Contact us at support@ctrl.fitness to initiate your return within your trial.

What is CTRL Fitness?

CTRL Fitness, pronounced “Control Fitness,” exists to create tools that help you achieve longevity through training. We wanted to create a company that allows us to bring helpful products to the training and longevity community.