Usage Guide

Demonstration & Tips

Video demonstration and tips are available on our YouTube channel.


  Slide the nordCurl underneath your door. The tube goes on the side of the door that opens inward.

NOTE: Use only on a door that opens away from you.

Select the resistance bands you’d like to use and slide them onto the bandAnchor. Then use one hand to place the bandAnchor over the top of the door and close the door using your free hand. Give the bands a firm tug to ensure the anchor is firmly placed.
Lastly, slide the nordPak through the resistance bands so that the nordPak hangs from its center.



Using the nordPak

  Kneeling on a pad, position your ankles beneath the nordCurl strap so that the bottoms of your feet are partially touching the door and the nordCurl strap pad is on the back of your heels. Tighten the strap until your feet feel secured in place.
This part is easy because putting on the nordPak is just like your favorite backpack! Simply slide your arms through the loops and pull to tighten.

You’re all set! Now start curling your way to an even more powerful you.

REMINDER: Use only on a door that opens away from you.




Important Safety Guidelines

  1. Use on a solid door that can support your body weight. Do NOT use on sliding doors, glass doors, doors with windows, or lightweight closet doors.
  2. Do NOT use the nordCurl, bandAnchor, or nordPak on a door with sharp metallic edges. Do NOT let it rub against the door hinge. Rubbing against any sharp edge will weaken or cut nylon.
  3. Do NOT pull on the door with the nordCurl, bandAnchor, or nordPak in the same direction in which it opens. Doing so risks the door opening during use.
  4. Before each use, inspect your nordPak, nordCurl, bandAnchor, and resistance bands. Replace worn or damaged components immediately.
  5. Always take care of yourself and train safely because you have many people in your life that care about you.
  6. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in injury. The user assumes the risk of injury and all liability resulting from the use of this product. User is liable for any damage caused to property during use of this product.