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If you’ve already got a Nordic setup but would like to take your training to the next level then this bundle is perfect. You will be able to start training full range of motion to strengthen those hamstrings in record time.


  • nordPak - A versatile solution that helps you build strength safer and faster
  • bandAnchor - The perfect sidekick for the nordPak. Holds many bands and is built strong yet light for easy travel
  • Resistance Bands add-on - Includes three resistance bands for a total of 115 lbs of support. We tested many samples from many suppliers and these bands match the quality of the best brands out there. Support is sufficient for most users up to 230lbs.


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Why Nordic Curls?

Nordic Curls are an amazing movement for people who prioritize training for healthspan and athletic performance. The problem is that Nordic Curls are challenging to perform and the equipment needed can be expensive.

That is why we created the nordPak, an affordable and effective solution that makes Nordic Curls accessible to beginners and beyond.

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